Our Pricing

Our pricing is pretty simple. No grids, no tables.

$72 is all you pay for an entire school year (9 months) worth of lessons! Nothing more. For 9 months of lessons, that is $8/month. Lessons include lesson files with step-by-step directions, worksheets, craft files and music downloads. Plus we’re growing our list of optional crafts files so you can pick alternatives.

If you would prefer to pay for the lessons 3 months at a time, that 3-month price is $33. For 3 months of lessons, that is $11/month. So over the course of the school year, you would pay $99.
If you are forming a teaching co-op group with a group of friends, one member pays the Full Year price of $72, and the rest of the group pays $60, which is a 17% discount. When you pay the Full Year price you’ll receive a coupon you can share with your friends to receive the discount. The coupon is good for 8 uses.

Owning your own Preschool Business
If you are using Busy Bee Preschool Lessons in your own preschool business, where you charge a fee to teach other people’s children, you pay the group discount ($60) for each child.

An Online curriculum
Once you pay for the lessons, they are immediately available to you online through the website. They will be accessible to you for the next 3 years. If you want to regain access to them after 3 years, you may for a $33 renewal fee. Lessons you paid for, for you own preschool business need to be purchased every year.

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