Difference between the 3-4 yr old and 4-5 yr old Curriculum

For the 3-4 year olds, we start at the beginning of the school year with colors, shapes, and move into number and letter (upper and lower case) recognition. Built into the lessons and crafts are counting and reasoning skills activities, and activities that work on fine (beginning cutting and tracing) and gross motor skills.

The 4-5 year old curriculum reviews colors and shapes and letters, but adds letter sounds, more advanced sorting and reasoning skills, counting progression, writing their names, letters and numbers, and more advanced crafts to help with their continued development of fine motor skills.

In both years, the values that are taught and books that we use for each lesson (like Rainbow Fish) are the same for both curriculum. The reinforcement and repetition of the values part of the lesson are important in teaching little ones.

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