The Community Tote is an idea to help simplify and organize the co-op teaching aides and school supplies.

This tote is simply any container that contains school supplies, teaching aids and visuals needed each day that can be passed from one Busy Bee Teacher to the next to decrease cost and increase efficiency.

Craft supply items such as crayons, scissors and glue for each child, painting t-shirts, washable paints, paintbrushes, etc. Visuals that are used again and again such as counting and letter charts, Bee-ginning Activitiy items such as weather visuals, flashcards and shapes printed directly from the website can also be stored together so each teacher has everything they need for each day.

Laminating items used all year is a great way to make them last all year.

A complete list of items to "Get Ready" to begin is located under "Lessons" on the menu bar. Choose "Busy Bee Lessons" in the drop down menu. The header on the right titled "Preparation Items" has below it a list of items that will get the Busy Bee teachers ready for a great year!

Set up an area where the children can listen, participate, work and snack!

A blanket - a special place for the little Busy Bees to sit when they come to learn

A Window - to check the weather and what to wear or play that day.

A Chalk board or white board - to learn shapes and writing letters and numbers.

CD player or ipod - for music that little Busy Bees love. You can download monthly theme music from the Month web page.

Table and Chairs - for snacks, worksheets, and craft

With each lesson there is a recommended book that corresponds with each lesson. Most books should be available at your local library or can be found through interlibrary loan if you request it. An alternative is to purchase your own copy for your library. A link to Amazon is provided in each lesson purchase under "Recommended Book" on the Lesson page.

Some lessons suggest additional teaching aids for object lessons or activities. You will find these on the individual lesson page ready for you to print.

Crafts. We have tried to keep the craft supplies simple... what you most likely already have on hand at home. However, some crafts will require special items that may need to be purchased.

Lessons begin with singing the “Busy Bee” song, the “Where is the Busy Bee” song and the monthly theme song. Download them to your music player, a CD, or play from your home computer.

Snacks: Little Busy Bees work up quite an appetite during all the activity and fun! A healthy themed snack suggestion is provided with most lessons. We recommend snacks be provided by the Busy Bee teacher for all Busy Bees. Remember to check for any food allergies if you are working with a group of hungry Busy Bees.