What do I really want my children to be taught? We asked our selves the same question when our oldest turned 3. Our conclusion was that of course academics are important and need to be taught, but being kind, friendly, thankful and honest are values that really need to be instilled at an early age.

Good parents start teaching their children good moral values early. Teaching them good values in a structured learning environment really reinforces those concepts in their minds. Not only will your children be ready academically for kindergarten, they will be ready with instilled values that will help them flourish in the social environment of school and help them have confidence to make good choices.

Balanced approach

Social interaction?

Most kids love to play with other kids. They like to feel a part of a group. They like to feel smart and proud to say they are going to school. They look forward to being together and playing with other kids!

Best of both worlds

We really believe Busy Bee Lessons, along with a group of Moms, gives you the best of both worlds. You get opportunities to create bonds with your children, at the same time being in a fun social environment. Without a doubt, our children loved having Busy Bee at our house the best, because Mom was there!

Shouldn’t be top priority

Social interaction is undeniably important in a child’s life, but even more important, at this age, is the bond you can create learning together as Mom and child. This bond of love and trust helps develop confidence in your child more than any other influence.

Strengthening bonds

Your little ones will be all grown up before you know it! These years before Kindergarten go by so quickly. Cherish this precious time you have together before they leave for school. As you teach your child Busy Bee Preschool Lessons, you will strengthen bonds of love and trust that will last and last.

Why are mother-child bonds so important?

Psychologists say children whose parents are disengaged tend to have a higher proportion of psychological difficulties than other youngsters. Furthermore, research shows that children with a strong emotional securities to their parents have higher confidence to begin exploring the world outside the parent-child relationship.

Strengthen bonds — and build character

Let your child understand where you place your values — not only on academics, but on being a good person as well. Where else can you find a place or a program that teaches the importance of all these characteristics: Kind, Honesty, A Good Friend, Happy, Smart, Creative.