Seriously, anyone can do it

Even if you’re new to working with preschool-aged children, our lessons give you what you need to keep the children engaged and have fun while learning.

Proven curriculum

Moms have been using Busy Bee Lessons since 2001. The curriculum has been modified, changed, and revised a number of times to make it better and easier for Moms to use and for children to learn. It has been reviewed and critiqued by professional educators and moms who give it an A+. At Busy Bee we want our product to be the best it can be. Our lessons lesssons continue to develop over time as new ideas and better technology is implemented. Feedback from you is important to Busy Bee and we want to hear what you think.

We’ve done the legwork

We’ve created over 70 detailed lessons including activities, worksheets and crafts. We’ve researched which book fits in best with the theme of each lesson. Most books are available at your local library or you can use the link provided to order the book. There is a list of craft supplies for each lesson...most of which are common things you already have on hand, like paints, crayons and glue. The crafts are creative and age appropriate and help develop fine motor skills, and are just plain fun.

It’s got to be fun

Play time is important for little Busy Bees! Busy Bee Lessons are filled with fun things to do that keep the children interested and engaged. Lessons contain great games and activities that keep the children’s attention, like jumping on the Blue Square or pointing to the Fishy with the number 5 on it's tummy.

The worksheets and crafts help develop writing, coloring, painting and building skills that are important to master for this age group.

Run, jump, play and sing

Active Learning. Heard of it? Probably not... but you child does it every day. We developed "Active Learning" as a more effective way to teach children to learn the way they learn naturally. Touching, moving, watching, doing... that is how they learn. Through our active learning activities you find in every lesson, little Busy Bees are learning even though they think they are just having a lot of fun.

Busy Bee Lessons help reinforce good character... to be happy, thankful, friendly, honest, and much more. Building strong character through engaging stories, discussions, and make believe. Little Busy Bees will be learning and growing both academically and in gaining strong character and sense of self worth.

Busy Bees love music and singing too! Each month there is a simple theme song for each Character Building Value. "Happy Happy that's the key I'm a Happy Busy Bee! " Vocals like this to catchy tunes and you’ll to hear their sweet voices singing to themselves about things that really matter most!