I can be a friend

Busy Bees learn all about being a friend this month. Sharing, being kind, and how to make a friend are just some of the things Busy Bees learn about the wonderful gift of friendship.


I can be giving

Giving is fun to do and important too. Giving things that don’t cost a thing are the best things to give. Everyone loves a hug and a smile! Busy Bees learn about the importance of being giving this month.


I can be courageous

Busy Bees learn about having the courage to stand tall this month. Choosing what is right, being glad to be who they are, and having good manners help to build confidence and self respect in every little Busy Bee.


I can be happy

This month is about being happy. There are so many things to be happy about. Most important is to be happy to be yourself. Little Busy Bees learn this month that they are wonderful just the way they are!


I can be healthy

Just a little soap and water… This month Busy Bees learn about how to stay healthy. Playing outside, a good nights rest, and healthy foods are a few things Busy Bees learn about this month to help keep Busy Bee bodies healthy and strong.


I can be creative

Watch the budding inner artist bloom in little Busy Bees this month! Pretending, painting, sculpting, and making music help Busy Bees discover their fun, creative side.


I can be thankful

Good food, a loving family, a wonderful body… just a few things Busy Bees learn to be thankful for. This month is all about learning to be thankful for the many blessings in life.


I can be honest

Liar, Liar pants on fire! The foundation of good character is honesty. Busy Bees have fun learning all about being honest this month. Honesty, it’s for me!


I can be ready

I think I can, I think I can… Busy Bees love to try to do things all by them selves. They are ready to learn about helping at home, trying new things, and even ways to be safe this month.