Two years of lessons

Busy Bee Preschool offers 2 school years of curriculum. A curriculum for 3-4 year olds (2 years before kindergarten), and a curriculum for 4-5 year olds who are (1 year before kindergarten).

Busy Bee Preschool curriculum consists of two lessons per week. Each month, (September through May) a new value is introduced, such as: I Can Bee a Friend, I Can Bee Thankful, I Can Bee Honest, etc. Lessons taught throughout the month address specific aspects of that value. For example, lessons taught under "I Can Bee Thankful" would include lessons such as: I Can Bee Thankful for Me, I Can Bee Thankful for My Family, I Can Bee Thankful for Good Food, I Can Bee Thankful for God's Creations. Through stories, music, crafts, and academic activities you can help your child prepare for school. All lessons downloadable in an easy to teach.

When does it begin?

Busy Bee Preschool lessons are designed to be held twice per week, 3 hours each day, for 9 months. The first week of Busy Bees are calendared to begin in September, after Labor Day, to allow for public school schedules to begin. There are 8-9 lessons per month, depending on the number of weeks per month. Learning builds as the year progresses for academics, so starting in September and progressing through the year is how it is designed to be taught. Typically the last Preschool day of every month is a field trip day.This is a very fun time for Busy Bees and moms to be together, explore, and learn. Suggestions for places to go are included in the lesson for that day. There are also Busy Bee holiday party lessons for major holidays throughout the year. Busy Bees was created with busy families in mind. Schedule your school year to meet your needs and enjoy!

Customize it

Busy Bee Preschool can be utilized in 3 different ways:

Single Child Program - For the mom who wants to teach their children one-on-one at home.

Co-Op Program - For a group of moms who want to share teaching responsibilities in their own homes on a rotational basis. Any size group up to about 6 is very manageable. This is a great way for the Busy Bee to work on social skills and spread their wings for few hours each week while mom gets a much needed break and is allowed to spread her wings as well.

An in Home Business - For an individual who would like to run a small preschool in their own home and bring in extra income. We provide the curriculum and you provide the fun and nurturing environment for a whole group of Busy Bees.

Busy Bee Preschool provides curriculum only. It is the responsibility of the group and or individual to comply with any legal requirements or laws of the state.

How much is it?

We wanted Busy Bee Preschool Lessons to be extremely affordable for any family. A great program like this should not be cost prohibitive. Growing happy little Busy Bees is what we are all about.

Busy Bee Preschool is $72 for the year... which is only $8 a month. Curriculum, worksheets, crafts, and music for less than $2 a week! You can't buy a gallon of gas or a kids meal for that price.

*If you choose to purchase lessons on a quarter basis (3 months at a time), lessons are $11 per mo.

Monthly themes

We dedicate an entire month of learning in different aspects of the monthly theme. For example, September's Theme is "I Can Be a Friend". There are many areas to explore about being a friend... sharing, helping, caring, accepting, different kinds of friends, and more. These themes were chosen based on values that enrich and help little ones feel confident in being themselves and being the best person they can be.

» Learn more about our monthly themes

Preschool days

Being parents, we know how busy families are... especially moms with small children. We try to minimize your preparation and make the lessons as detailed as possible so anyone can be an effective teacher.

School Days consist of:
  • Welcome and Gathering Activity
  • Bee-ginning activities: Weather Bee; Sing and wiggle (music downloads provided), prayer, pledge of allegiance, introduction to that days theme, etc.
  • Lesson: Each lesson includes reading the recommended book which corresponds to the value being taught. Find the books in your local library or on line (see the on line link to Amazon under "recommended book" with each lesson). Discussion questions after the lesson and interactive activities that may include object lessons, puppets, role play, etc.
  • Lesson Learning Activities: Learn letters and numbers through fun games and activities.
  • Worksheets: Depending on which year your Busy Bee is doing, worksheets teach shapes, colors, numbers, counting, letters, letter sounds, matching, patterns, and reasoning skills.
  • Crafts: Fun and creative while reinforcing what the Busy Bee learned about that day.