"ready to start school"

I have used the busybee preschool curriculum for the last 5 years and with all 3 of my children. The lessons are not only easy for me to prepare and follow them, but also fun for my children to learn. I especially like the model in which the lessons are written and the values that go along with each lesson. This is an added bonus that I have not found in most other preschool programs. My children have benefited from this program, not just academically but also socially and morally, which have made them well rounded students and ready to start school. I simply love busybees!

Jackie, Round Rock, Texas

"great, very well organized"

I love Busy Bee Preschool and my children love it too! I started Busy Bee Preschool eight years ago with my oldest child and I am currently teaching my third child. As a parent, what I really like is that each lesson teaches a character building trait. Honesty, Friendship, Thankfulness are just a few... In my opinion, teaching our children to have good character is more important than anything. The curriculum is great and very well organized! It is very easy to prepare since they give you a list of everything needed for each lesson.

Christy, Magnolia, Texas

"user-friendly and engaging"

The Busy Bee curriculum is an excellent source for parents and preschool teachers! The curriculum plan follows a sequential, yet flexible order of topics which are user-friendly and contain relevant content to increase student outcome. The lessons include topics such as, character education, daily routines, and the beginning of necessary reading and math skills for students.

Students need a high integration of phonemic awareness to begin their journey to literacy development, and the Busy Bee curriculum includes valuable literature suggestions to promote language and phonemic awareness opportunities. Next, building phonics knowledge is essential for early readers, and the Busy Bee curriculum provides user-friendly handouts with engaging activities for the parent or teacher to use as they promote letter to sound correspondence. As a Busy Bee parent, I highly recommend the curriculum model!

Sharie, M. Ed., Austin Texas